I'm a Product Designer working at DynaScape, with a background in Architecture. Previously a UX Educator TA at BrainStation.

I've been practicing design for 10+ years. Before diving into Product & UX Design, I graduated from the University of Toronto and worked at acclaimed design firms across Singapore and Canada.

Outside my design career, I've been a scuba diver, artist, and military leader.


Recognition + Awards

"Mark stood out to me right away as a force, producing professional-quality work from the start."

"I watched Mark exhibit an unparalleled level of professionalism and a keen, analytical approach to his design craft. He took to the UX design principles and concepts and presented an impressive rationale for each decision made. But it was his humbleness, listening, and focus that made him an incredible teammate... his energy and calming presence, even in difficult or stressful situations, was what stood out to me the most."

Jenna Tanenbaum
Lead Educator and Team Lead, UX Design at BrainStation

"Mark is committed, reliable, and a great communicator who takes directions well."

"He is a talented designer who is detail-oriented and demonstrates keen visual instincts. Mark was trusted with managing the firm's adoption of Virtual Reality, where his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter was instrumental in the studio adapting the technology effectively. Mark would be an asset to any team he finds himself working with."

Paul Raff
Principal & Creative Director, Paul Raff Studio

"3SG Mark displayed strong management skills, carefully balancing between the workload and the well-being of his men."

"3SG Mark was able to employ his manpower and equipment wisely to perform the tasks... the demand for media support was high and there were many timelines to meet. Being the change agent of the team, he rallied and influenced his team to overcome the initial challenges. 3SG Mark has certainly upheld the ethos of an SAF Leader and is recommended to any organization whose challenges he may so desire to tackle."

Col. Chin Sun Wern Kevin
COMD, SWI, Singapore Armed Forces



For years, I've been fascinated with Virtual Reality. I crafted (then 3D printed) intricate sculptures out of virtual clay, and collaborated with peers to develop experimental Unity-based experiences. And at the Architecture studio I worked at, I was chosen to pioneer the adoption of VR for design work and client presentations.

Beyond creating Architectural visualizations at work or dreaming up alien landscapes at home, I eventually realized that what I was passionate about wasn’t limited to a specific creative medium. Rather, it was crafting amazing stories and experiences based on a deep, empathetic understanding of the user. That's what I'm doing today as a UX Designer.


UX Design

Figma, InVision, Principle, POP App
Adobe Creative Suite


AutoCAD, Revit
Google Sketchup, Enscape + V-Ray, Rhino 3D

2D Digital Artwork

Black Ink Digital Painting, Procreate, Krita

3D Digital Artwork

Kodon, Kanova, Nomad, Masterpiece VR